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The educational necessities for pre-schoolers are eternally vital and significant than that of high schoolers. The basic foundation development of a child's cognitive and literacy skills is based on his early school education. Education is a top priority for parents and teachers. We know that education can happen even without a classroom, and we surmise that parents require resources that proffer experiences to children in a competent learning environment.

That is where the idea of Evergreen Kids website emanate. Evergreen Kids is a new venture of Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd.

As the world is going digital, and education is evolving from traditional methods to automated digital content, the concept of developing Evergreen Kids-Fun Learn with the focus on fun-filled learning became a mission.

We have been transforming education into interactive, participatory digital learning by implementing technological innovations, web support, multi-media resources and a variety of cognitive tools to propel and engage learners. Our continued rapid growth and experience is a testament to the quality, authenticity and credence that our readers experience every day.

With this new venture for little kiddiewinks, we have been working hard to construct kid-friendly engaging content of educative videos, stories and rhymes along with thoroughly crafted activities for a child's holistic amplification. Our interactive and efficiently conceded content with visually stimulated animation makes learning an engaging and pleasurable experience for all.


Evergreen Kids caters to deliver compelling learning material to children. It offers a goal to compose learning that is fun and interactive.

Our site is worthy and offers a fun and reliable experience at home and school. We have been providing fun and educative activities, informative videos, interactive stories and rhymes by using world-class skills in animation to our subscribers. We aim to proffer an authentic and amusing experience to kids. We strive to enhance the users' learning experience through our comprehensive content and data. While little kiddiewinks study through vivacious videos and fun tools, we serve as a resource and knowledge bank for parents, teachers and educators.


The content provided by Evergreen Kids is well researched and positively appreciated by kids. This content is supported by visually winning illustrations and graphics that stimulate the learning style and make it enjoyable. The content is written and edited by our experts, assuring you to provide trusted, reliable information for the cognitive enhancement of kids. Our wide array of themes introduce children to diverse age-appropriate concepts to foster growth across primary developmental areas.


Evergreen Kids is continually expanding its learning tools and embraces suggestions and opinions from subscribers and viewers. Please feel free to get in touch with us with your estimable ideas.